TPN Mission

TPN aims to create space for partners of trans, gender variant and/or genderqueer people to connect with each other in a space which honours their experiences and their relationships. TPN also aims to strengthen the ongoing connection between partners and the larger trans community.

TPN Objectives

The objective of the group is to provide an opportunity for cis-gendered partners of trans, gender variant and/or genderqueer people to come together and explore issues related to their relationships. The objectives of the series are:

  • To assist participants in identifying their self-care and relationship needs as well as to develop creative strategies for responding to as many of these issues as possible;
  • To support participants as they explore and question their own gender and sexual identity, both in relation to and as separate from their partners’ transition or shifting expression of gender;
  • To provide information and resources to deepen the participants’ understanding of their partners’ process of transition and/or expression gender fluidity;
  • To increase knowledge of available resources; and
  • To increase a sense of community among participants, and for this community building to positively contribute to the trans community.

Guiding Principles

The organization and facilitation of TPN is guided by the following principles:

  • Community building—In response to the overwhelming isolation faced by both cis-gendered people and their trans partners, TPN is committed to community building through information sharing and building relationships.
  • Self Care—focus on strengthening participants connection to themselves and their own needs as they navigate negotiation and connection within their relationships
  • Anti-racism and anti-oppression (ARAO)—TPN acknowledges both the unique and intersecting ways that race, ability, class, immigration status, homophobia, heterosexism, transphobia, essentialism and other factors shape life experiences.
  • Transphobia & Cis-gender privilege – TPN acknowledges the complex ways in which cis-gendered partners of trans people are impacted by transphobia. TPN also recognizes the ways in which their cis-gender privilege impacts their relationship with their partners.
  • Engaged participation—TPN organizers are invested in the processes of program planning, flexible facilitation, active listening and timely follow through to effectively meet the needs of participants
  • Collectivity – TPN organizers share responsibility for planning and implementing
  • Collaboration – TPN recognizes the importance of working with individuals and organizations to provide comprehensive information and support to partners of trans people


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